The BBC's moral relativism is epitomised by this joke on Radio 4's The Now Show (iPlayler, 12:23):

"What's the difference between nuclear proliferation in Iran, and nuclear proliferation in the US?"

(Prolonged silence.)


Oh, isn't that good. Ha. Unbridled hilarity aside, what is the difference? Let's see... one wants to use military might to impose democracy/capitalism across the globe; the other wants to use military might to wipe entire races/religions off the globe.

Even if both sides fail in their projects, or already have, or are both objectionable, there's still no argument for an equivalence between the two. To claim that there is, is the same as claiming that you don't mind which side wins out in this geo-politcal struggle. If that's the case, it's an alarming statement for the BBC to endorse. If it isn't, it's a dumb and bankrupt thing to say.

Either way, not worthy of the glib laugh it received. There's something uncomfortable about State-funded humour; it's a great vehicle for unnoticed ideology.