The Law exists to send a clear message. Crime is Crime. And yet, there will always be people who simply have to break the rules.

The Public Order Act should have made it quite clear to us all that "interfaith dialogue" is a no-no. But the Vogelenzangs - a couple who run a Liverpool hotel - insisted on indulging their illicit craving:

...a conversation arose between the hoteliers and their guest about her faith. It is understood that among the topics debated was whether Jesus was a minor prophet, as Islam teaches, or whether he was the Son of God, as Christianity teaches.
Telegraph - 19/09/2009

Thankfully, the police have stepped in and charged the couple under the 1986 Act. Hopefully - as is very probable - they will be forced to close down their so-called hotel - probably just a "front" for unbridled dialogue and other speech crime.

There's more. I have a hot tip-off for the police: I have discovered, via personal connections at Google, that the practice of Interfaith Dialogue is rife and widespread. Dedicated organisations exist to engage in it, often in a shamelessly open manner. And it goes all the way up to top: even our ex-Prime Minister is implicated. Sadly, I expect the police will dismiss these allegations as fantastical.