Dutch society was once very segregated. Guess, until when, the following was the case:

... each of the four "pillars" had its own mini-society within the greather whole of Dutch society. Protestant people voted for a Protestant party, read Protestant newspapers, watched the Protestant broadcasts ...

Mixed marriages were frowned upon, and Catholic bishops and Protestant preachers threatened hell and damnation to the lost soul who dared listen to the "wrong" radio broadcast or vote for the "wrong" party ...

According to a popular story, the question whether a stud owned by a Catholic farmer could cover a mare owned by a Protestant one was hotly debated in all churches.

Amazingly, we're not talking 17th century, but 1970! (I suppose "radio broadcast" gives it away.)

Does the recent rise there of religion (Islam), and of Geert Wilders, trigger a re-segregation, along Christian/Islamic lines?