During the same Paris demonstration, placards were handed out showing historical icons of resistance to oppression. Mohamed Ali, Arafat,
ML King, Sitting Bull... though the accompanying chants were only about contemporary objects of love/hate. Love: Hamas. Hate: Sarkozy. Strangely, Obama wasn't mentioned.


On a nearby wall was this (unrelated) sticker:


I do not dispute the grievance of the protest - the 1945 Sétif massacre in Algeria - nor the anti-Nazi cause of Lets Fight White Pride. But as with the proudly sung anthem, it raises difficult side-questions. Which ethnicities are allowed to be proud? Does multiculturalism apply its tolerance equally? What is the duty-of-tolerance between the different groups in a multiculture?

The problem with the increasing sacralisation of ethnicity is that you end up with competing expressions of ethnic nationalism. Imagine how ugly politics would look if the parties were delineated on ethnic lines. Actually you don't need to imagine, because that's exactly what the British National Party are doing in the UK.